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How it works


The communication and understanding between horse and person are crucial, and the bridle should be an extension of the communication. The main rein goes to the noseband, as in Side Pull, except that it shouldn’t be used to pull, hence it is called Side-Cue. The curb rein must be light weight as the curb strap  is a leather pad with webbing at both ends, heavy/normal weight reins and/or clips will compromise the weighting of the curb, which is designed to "fall away" from the reflex point. On picking up the curb rein it simply touches, or better still, doesn’t really touch the reflex point in the curb groove, horses are so sensitive that they sense or feel a fly before it lands, they simply don’t need any more than a whisper of suggestion, to request relaxation of the jaw, and that consequent rounding of the back. The curb is set below the noseband so that there is no direct squeeze between noseband and curb.


The way the bridle works is to offer 2 distinct cues, no mixed messages, no squeezing, no leverage simply pound for pound direct cues with instant release. It works as a double bridle, and you can achieve finesse and refinement with Transcend.


Using Transcend is not an instant cure to all horse problems: communication and relationship, based in groundwork, are key elements. Many horses will be immediately fine with Transcend but some will take longer to understand the new communication. Transitioning is important, giving both horse and person time to learn to give, and receive very subtle cues.