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To order a bespoke bridle, or one you can't see in our shop please message transcendbitlessbridle on the Facebook page or using the email address above. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment on Facebook or Personal Message Sue Thomas.

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Price increase of 25% from 1st September 2018 

The reins and cordeos remain the same prices.

No extra charge will be made for mix and match. 

The bridles are made in quality English leather, and are well made and padded. They are made ethically, by UK saddlers in Walsall. If you compare the prices of other English leather bridles, Transcend is still much less expensive.

NEW biothane double and simple sidecue bridles now available to order. 

New Freebies to choose from with orders over £210

Thank you to everyone who has supported Transcend thus far, and I hope your support will be ongoing.

Freebies choose from

Tote bag, Clips, Plastic clips, LIFE keyring, *Leather Cream and *Bee Bombs *UK and EU only 

Free gift with every order of £210 excl P&P


Bridles and nosebands:

Whether you are looking to buy a pony, cob or full size bridle, the price will be the same. This includes mixing and matching of different size parts. For example; you could choose to have everything full size except the noseband which you might want as cob size and the price stays the same. If you are buying just the noseband itself to fit an existing bridle, you are welcome to do that too. *Please note that the cheek pieces are 3/4" wide*

The bridles and nosebands come in black and brown.


Prices are as follows:

The full double bridle - pony, cob, full, extra full size: black/brown, £175

The noseband - pony, cob, full, black/brown,  £115

Simple side cue bridle price £130

Noseband £75

Biothane bridles Doubles £130 and Sidecue £100 any colours, including reins 

See shop for offers

Cordeos/neck ropes: Use a cordeo as well as your bridle as an extra means of communication, and as an extra security for the rider.  

Quality English Leather, rolled, softly padded cordeos are also available to buy. These are fastened with a neat stud, as a safety breaking point.

The cordeos also come in black and brown.

Prices are as follows:

Cordeo: 60", 62", 64", 66", 68" and 70" £50

Special Effects: studs, 2 tone, patterned stitching, remains at £20 for each, eg a 2 tone stitched is £40 extra.


Padded reins with billet hooks available in both brown and black and are 48", 54" and 60" by 3/4", £45

Padded reins with clips available in both in brown and black, 48", 54" and 60" by 3/4" , £50

Curb reins with billet, plain thin lightweight leather. 48", 54" long 1/4" £40, 48", 54", 60" by 3/8" £35


Longer rein lengths available on request POA 

Also available clips at £6 per pair to add onto side cue billet reins, so best of both worlds ..... Both reins with billets for when you ride using double, add clips to billet reins to use just the side cue. 

Take a look at our new shop for more details