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To order a bespoke bridle, or one you can't see in our shop please message transcendbitlessbridle on the Facebook page or using the email address above. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment on Facebook or Personal Message Sue Thomas.

SmartRider UK

Breakaway safety stirrups, for comfort and safety. Click HERE

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Useful Links


Austin Backs Leather Cream

Take a look at "Old Saddlers Blend" 

Conditioning cream made in Wales by a traditional saddler, Austin Back, since 1988. Very useful advice, information and instructions on keeping your leather tack in tip top condition.


Perfect for Transcend. 


C.A Slade Photography

A fabulous and talented photographer of people, animals and just about everything else!

Smart Rider Stirrups

Breakaway safety stirrup specialists.

Sue Gould-Wright

Sue offers rider specific pilates and is based in Northumberland.

Haslemere Computer Training

Fi Hewkin runs Haslemere Computer Training. Based in Haslemere Fi offers comprehensive computer training, and helped with the Transcend website.


An animal charity based in the West Midlands that specialises mostly, although not exclusively, in the care of equines and other large animals.

Total Contact Equine Solutions

The Total Contact Saddle doesn’t look like an ‘ordinary’ saddle. It’s not meant to. After all what’s the point of developing new technology and have it the same as the old that’s been around for over 2000 years ?

Alternative Contact

Alternative Contact is a new Dressage class section for bitless riders wishing to compete in the same class, with the same judge, as riders using a bit.

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