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Is Transcend a miracle fix, instant cure for bridling problems?   


No it isn't, horses may need time to transition, they may also take to the bridle immediately. But your success, or otherwise, with transcend will ultimately depend on your relationship, communication, and training. Transcend merely supplies the means to communicate using soft subtle cues. The rest is down to you.

My horses doesn't fit the measurements of a given size.


Classic black or brown bridles, doubles or simple sidecues, are available.

You can mix and match sizes, or have one made to measure at no extra cost, check your measurements and simply contact with your requirements.

Can the noseband be bought separately?   


Yes, it has ¾” integral cheek pieces so you need to check your head piece will fit. Both double and simple side-cue nose bands fit on the same Transcend head piece.

Are the reins included in the price of the bridle?


For the leather Transcend, reins are extra. For the double bridle curb, you need very lightweight reins, without clips. If you plan to sometimes use your double bridle just as a side-cue, you need to disable the curb strap to prevent it bouncing on the chin and giving random cues. The side cue reins can be any type. If you are showing, you might want to have matching side-cue and curb reins (both with billet hooks) you can add a separate pair of clips to the billet hook side-cue reins for ease of disabling the curb.

Transcend Biothane Bridle is complete with reins.

Is Transcend a scawbrig?


No, scawbrigs work by tightening around the jaw against the noseband, Transcend double bridle has 2 distinct cues, which are separated by the curb rings being set below the noseband. The curb works by giving very subtle cues to the curb groove.

Where is Transcend made?

The bridles, and all other products in the range, are individually made in the UK, from English leather, they are hand finished. Bespoke ones are specially made to order.

The Biothane bridles are made By Plas Equestrian in Wales. The materials are top quality from USA

Is there poll pressure?

No, there is no means of leverage, so no poll pressure.

The curb strap is weighted by the padded leather being slightly heavier than the end straps, this enables a very subtle cue. The padded leather on the curb inhibits (but doesn’t totally stop the pad pulling through). If too much contact is put onto the curb the extension below the noseband will bend rather than put a squeeze on the horse.

How do I go about purchasing a bespoke bridle?

Want a new bespoke bridle but worried about fitting or suitability? Buy a plain bridle, and that becomes the deposit for a bespoke bridle. The plain bridle to be returned in good clean condition before the bespoke is posted. Detailed design and costs to be by pm or email.


You can add 2 tone, and or fancy stitching to a classic black or brown bridle. 


You can choose a limited edition bridle, these are listed separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

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