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To order a bespoke bridle, or one you can't see in our shop please message transcendbitlessbridle on the Facebook page or using the email address above. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment on Facebook or Personal Message Sue Thomas.

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Freebies to choose from for orders over £225 excl P&P

Refund for one postage given if you buy a bridle and a set of SmartRider UK stirrups.


Already own a Transcend? Trade in your bridle for a new bespoke bridle. Bespoke bridle will posted on receipt of the original bridle in good clean condition. Amount of trade in to be agreed on sight of bridle.

Want a new bespoke bridle but worried about fitting or suitability? Buy a plain bridle, and that becomes the deposit for a bespoke bridle.

The plain bridle to be returned in good clean condition before the bespoke is posted.

Detailed design and costs to be by pm or email.


Orders over £225 (excluding shipping) Qualify for a freebie:

"Old Saddlers Blend" A 50g pot of Conditioning Cream made in Wales by a traditional saddler, Austin Back.

Perfect for Transcend. SORRY it cannot be shipped outside UK or EU (against the rules) 


Or a Pair of Clips for use with billet sidecue reins or plastic clips to link curb with side cue 

Or a Transcend tote bag

Or Bee Bombs

Please state your preference in the notes field of your order. 



Nose band

Measure between arrows for max/min length, add 1" for ease, aim for middle holes.

Pony: 19.5-22"

Cob: 20-24"

Full Size: 24-27"

Extra Full Size: 25-29"

Cheek Piece 3/4"

Measure between arrows for Cheek piece

Pony: 6"

Cob: 7"

Full Size: 8"

Extra Full Size: 9"

Head Piece

Add this measurement to cheek piece measurement to find the right head length size, aim for middle holes.

Pony: Max 21.5" Min 15" adjustment 6.5

Cob: Max 24" Min 16" adjustment 8"

Full Size: Max 25.5" Min 16.5" adjustment 9"

Extra Full Size: Max 30" Min 21" adjustment 9"

Brow band

Measure end to end

Pony: 15" Leather 14" biothane

Cob: 16" Leather 15" biothane

Full Size: 17" Leather 16" biothane

Extra Full Size: 18" Leather 17" biothane

Throat Lash

Measure from end to end, and add adjustment from head piece

Pony: 17" with buckles at both ends giving an adjustment of 7"

Cob: 19" with buckles at both ends giving an adjustment of 9"

Full Size: 21" with buckles at both ends giving an adjustment of 9"

Extra Full Size: 23" with buckles at both ends giving an adjustment of 9"


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