How to measure for your Transcend bridle.


Measure between arrows for max/min length, add 1" for ease, aim for middle holes.

Pony size: 19.5-22"
Cob size: 20-24"
Full size: 22-26"
Extra Full size: 24-29"


Add this measurement to cheek piece measurement to find the right head length size, aim for middle holes.

Pony size: 15"-21.5"
Cob size: 16"-24"
Full size: 16.5"-25.5"
Extra Full size: 21"-30"


Measure between the arrows to find the correct length. If your horse is between sizes, choose the larger size. 

Pony: 15"

Cob: 16"

Full Size: 17"

Extra Full Size: 19"


Cheek Piece 3/4"

Measure between arrows for the length of the cheek pieces, add this to the headpiece. 

Pony: 6"

Cob: 7"

Full Size: 8"

Extra Full Size: 9"


Measure from end to end, and add adjustment from head piece

Pony: 17" with buckles at both ends giving an adjustment of 7"

Cob: 19" with buckles at both ends giving an adjustment of 9"

Full Size: 21" with buckles at both ends giving an adjustment of 9"

Extra Full Size: 23" with buckles at both ends giving an adjustment of 9"

Alternatively, you could follow the guide below if you do not have access to a bridle. 

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