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"When I first started down the bitless route, I couldn’t find enough information and went into it quite blindly really. I started with the leading brand of crossunder which turned out to be a mistake. My horse hated that. After much reading I bought my Transcend double side pull. I chose a Transcend bridle based on the number of times I’d seen them lauded in various discussions about bitless bridles.

I wholeheartedly recommend them (and so does my horse). First of all what an absolutely beautiful bridle! I love that they come in so many colour and style options. I chose full leather black, with white topstitching and grey padding to suit my black and white leopard spot Appaloosa. I looks fantastic! The leather is top quality, full-grain veg-tanned, English bridle leather - the smell reminds me of the tack shops of my childhood in the 70’s & 80’s. It’s so well made; the kind of bridle that will last for many years and the leather responds beautifully to traditional cleaning and care (unlike cheap imported leathers).

Besides looking beautiful, I love the design. The poll, browband and noseband are lovely and padded. I love that there is a d ring under the noseband so you can use it as a head collar - perfect for taking a lead rope with you on pub-rides! The double version has side pull and a curb action. I don’t have my curb rein attached for hacking and I like that I have the option to single or double rein.

I’m so glad I bought this bridle. It’s perfect. My horse is very very happy in it. I like it so much I am going to buy a biothane side cue version for every day hacking, especially in winter when everything gets wet and muddy.

The pre and after sales support and community is absolutely fantastic too! If you’re thinking about buying one, check the size/measurements guide on the website and just do it, there’s nothing negative I can say about these bridles. I love mine!"



"Sue has helped me so much to find the perfect size for my two horses. The bridles are so soft and amazing quality 5* all round."

VICTORIA BRADSHAW 5th February '22

"Beautiful quality bridle and I have a happy, soft and responsive pony."

CHRISTINA BARKER 5th February '22

"I received my Trascend double bridle last week thinking i would probably only use it while schooling and how wrong i was!!

I feel so connected to my horse Jack and he is so relaxed and responsive when i ride compared to using a bit. I hacked out yesterday in it something i thought i would never do as Jack can became quite fearful of things we meet when out and it was honestly like riding a different horse. We came across some potentially frightening things, drivers beeping to name a few and Jack remained absolutely calm.

I was so proud of him and so grateful to have this wonderful bridle to ride him in.

Safe to say we will not be using any other bridle any time soon, i would recommend to anyone and im sure Jack would too.

Thank you Sue"


"Absolutely fantastic quality, love the transcend bitless bridle and my boy does too. It is the best bitless bridle I have tried."

LISA ALLEN 17th December '20

"Greetings from Namibia. My big Clydesdale Victoria and I am really happy with our new Transcend double bitless bridle. Victoria is a big girl and a bit like a super tanker to bring to a halt. I have tried many different bits over the past 5 years and nothing has helped. Well clearly it was the bits that were the problem as in the new bitless bridle she actually halts! Sue's service was phenomenal. I sent her a whatsapp message one evening. She responded immediately and advised on how to take the measurements. I sent the measurements the next morning and within the hour the bridle was posted to a friend in London who was returning to Namibia and arrived the next morning - in good time to leave the UK with my friend back to Namibia. Thanks so much Sue. Fantastic service and a wonderful bridle. I can only highly recommend Transcend Bitless Bridles."

MICHAELA CLAYTON 27th November '20

"Caesar and I cannot recommend the Transcend Bridle enough! I rode bitless for many years on my last horse, in a Dr.Cook Crossover.

When I got Caesar, I decided to try him bitless too as he has a very large tongue and when he gets excited and strong, even in a Myler Snaffle, he would overbend and get his tongue over the bit. I used the Dr.Cook at first as I already had one, but he really resisted against/disliked the restriction of the cross over action. We then tried a Micklem (using the side cue setting with curb) and he rode well in day, out riding, it snapped!! (That’s another story!!)

So..I was determined to find a solution. A bridle which was gentle action (to avoid resistance) and of course super comfortable, but also very strong and durable, with high quality leather (preferably English!) A friend told me about Transcend, and, as well as loving the name (which says it all really!), I loved the sound of the bridles. I read the website and many reviews and bought one almost straight away. I have never looked back. For us, it ticks all the boxes. Beautiful, strong, well padded, soft, comfortable English Leather, beautifully crafted, with gentle yet effective cues.

I opted for the Double as it gives the option of riding Side Cue or adding the curb for finer communication and more finesse. We ride with a split rein as we do a lot of long distance hacking and I just find it easier. If I was to school or do finer work, I’d certainly use two reins.

As I said, Caesar has been strong in the past and can be very forward going when he feels like it! But we’ve been using the Transcend now for 2-3 months and he hasn’t ‘pulled’ or felt out of control at all. I feel this is because there literally isn’t anything for him to fix against or resist, or anything to restrict him or cause him any discomfort.

He LOVES IT. I know this because this is the only bridle he has ever voluntarily offered his head into, which is such a joy. All his other bridles caused him to look away or lift his head when tacking up. This is a superb bridle, and for anyone who is curious about going bitless, I would say this is the bridle to go for. For me the Transcend is the ‘Path of least resistance’! Thankyou Sue for these fabulous bridles and for your EXCELLENT, efficient, thorough, friendly and professional service. You have been pleasure to deal with."

IZA A MOON 22nd November '20

"5/5 *****

Absolutely fantastic bitless bridle! I'm in the DC area (USA) and every time I looked at buying a bitless bridle, all of the options were the cross-under ones that I personally do not like (and have one that I do not like for multiple reasons), as well as the hackamores which are not as discreet looking (say, for showing Hunters - I'm more of a Show Jumper and small Eventing, but I like to keep doors open).

I've wanted to get more into bitless riding for a while now (I ride in a halter as well as a neck rope without issues) but didn't like the options. I finally joined some Facebook bitless groups and inspired by other posts, sought bitless recommendations and nearly everyone commented the Transcend Bitless Bridle.

Upon research, I was a little cautious due to the higher price end of the bridles but the simplicity, creativity, and style options, as well as all of the excellent reviews from bitless Facebook groups, convinced me to purchase one. I use my own reins and I got a black stitched double leather bridle (the curb being useful for my jumper OTTB).

I absolutely love it and if I am riding in a bridle it's my first choice every time. The quality is excellent and really soft, especially the padded noseband. My horses really stretch out and low into the noseband and seem to really enjoy it. I eventually plan to get some more (some other simple black ones for showing purposes, as well as ones in my horses colors: black/purple, black/blue, black/red).

I still keep an eye out on bitless bridle styles on the market and have even recently invested in a cheap sidepull just to have another to help with beginner learners, but the Transcend quality is far superior in every aspect.

I think the only thing I would like to see more in the bridle designs would be more of an anatomical design with the crown and browband, but regardless they are soft and are comfortable enough to wear myself XD

Absolutely love mine! You can find more pictures of my mares wearing it on my hobby page at Reigning Phoenix Equestrian"

JENNA S. NUTH 28th October '20

"I received my bridle yesterday and I just had to leave a review to say how happy I am with it already. It's a black biothane sidecue which also has a double noseband attachment option should we ever feel the need for refinement. I am so impressed with the quality and fit. It looks so smart on my Friesian and after hacking out in it within hours of receiving it can tell that Rik is super happy wearing it. Here's to many more happy, comfortable and responsive rides. Thank You!"

SHELLEY READ 19th September '20

"The quality is beautiful. My mare is so relaxed in the Transcend. I’ve tried a few different bitless bridles but I’ve fallen in love with the soft gentle Transcend. My horse is so responsive to seat and voice now she’s not worrying about the bit or any pressure around her head."

LISA HARNETT 16th July '20

"Lovely bridles, all 3 of my boys are ridden in the transcend and actually without it my son couldn't ride at all beacuse his motor skills are not good enough to ride in a bit without hurting the pony. amazing customer support from sue and bridles are of a lovely quality."

CARLA TYLER 10th July '20

"I've had my Biothane Transcend for over a year now. My ponies haven't looked back!!

I'm currently saving for a leather one so we can be even fancier."


"My horse was very strong in a bit and was used to farm more "contact" than I am comfortable with. I switched to a Transcend and the difference was/is huge. She is very forward going and strong and it a bit I felt dragged along, now we can both relax and my aids have got softer and her responses more positive. I'm really happy this change has made riding a lot more enjoyable for us."

PHILLIPA LANG 10th July '20

"Everyone told me what lovely leather the Transcend was made of, but now I’ve held one in my hands I actually believe it. It is the nicest bridle leather I’ve ever came across. And my horse seems to like the bridle too - while there are still holes in our training I’ve not felt unsafe or out of control - it felt just like riding in my snaffle, but with less resistance. And so much better than the first bitless I tried where she got so heavy on my hand and kept shaking her head."

ANGELA FAUST 9th July '20

"Fabulous personal customer service and support. Absolutely beautifully crafted bridles and accessories. Lovely support group too. Happy horses, happy me."

JO FIELD 9th July '20

"Received my double today and took it for a spin! Leo is nervous and super reactive with bits in his mouth. It’s been a struggle to find a bitless he likes — this is either our 4th or 5th — and I’ve tried about 20 different bits - he hates them ALL (his teeth are great...have them done by a really good vet) anyway went for a long forrest ride today up in the mountains and it was so different. He was relaxed (he’s super high strung) but forward and when he got too forward I applied super light pressure to the curb reins (the curb is spot and padded) and he’d slow up with out a single protest with his head. No chewing on the bit (which he does constantly with bit in his mouth.), no head shaking when rein pressure applied (I have SUPER quiet hands so that wasn’t it) and we could stop and graze when we felt like it. If he spooked, I’d wait until he was calm and let him graze by the scary thing... basically this bridle has been EXACTLY what I have been looking for for a very long time. I wish I’d found it sooner - my sweet boy would not have had to deal with all the stress I put him though trying to find the right solution.

But the BEST part of it all is that we practice Art2ride dressage and I was worried that he’d not understand the cues to reach into a deep stretch and lift his back without a bit but after about and hour on the trail I asked a few times and He gave me the stretch. With no bit! I was beyond thrilled. Bye Bye Bit!!!

Also: Transcend has the BEST customer service. And the bridle is BEAUTIFUL. Incredible craftsmanship and super high quality leather. It was worth every single penny. I will likely buy another one when I’ve saved back up. Only because I love it so much and I want to support such a great company. Sue is awesome and cares deeply about the happiness and well-being of horses and it shows in the craftsmanship of these bridles. Best purchase I’ve made in a long long time."

LOLA QUON ROSSMAN 17th April '20

"Where to begin?! Excellent customer service, beautiful quality leather and fit, lovely soft padded nose and brow band over other brands. Gorgeous colours and designs. Feels nice to ride in. I highly recommend."

SARAH FARRELL 5th February '20

"I am now on my fourth horse with a bitless bridle and the second one with Transcend. All four have taken to been ridden bitless on the first ride and have ridden more relaxed.

The Transcend bridle is a high quality leather bridle (I’ve not tried the biothane option).

This fourth horse is one I’m currently riding for his owner as he was presenting some challenges causing her to lose confidence. His owner hasn’t noticed any loss of control or lack of communication with me switching to a Transcend bitless bridle and feels he is more relaxed with it. She is going to buy a Transcend for him to continue with."

RON WESCOTT 5th February '20


"We started using our Transcend double bridle in December so it's early days yet but so far Alphina seems to really like it. She has always tended to be very hollow in a bitted bridle (ex-Endurance Arab so not surprising really) but she is much less so in the Transcend. She is a very forward-going mare so I was a bit apprehensive about feeling a lack of control without a bit but I'm pleased with the way everything feels simpler without one and I get instant feedback from Alphina on what I'm doing without there being any sense of her being distracted by or arguing about the bit. Which is great! My own riding is improving as I am having to think about my seat, breathing etc, rather than obsessing about where her head is and worrying about how long the reins are, it's a different way of riding which seems to suit her, I am very happy indeed we decided to try it. At the moment we are mostly schooling in it with the help of Trudi Dempsey but we have done shorter hacks too on the lanes which have gone fine. All in all, a huge success. thankyou Sue Thomas for such a great product."

AILEEN SHACKELL 5th February '20

"The transcend bitless bridle is made of high quality English leather that is very soft. It is well padded for the horses comfort and the pieces come in different sizes so you are able to get a really good fit. Sue is really helpful and is happy to answer any questions and she has also put together a really useful fitting guide to help get the perfect fit.
The double bridle offers a unique cue and can be used with double reins or transcend split reins.
These bridles are fab and I would highly recommend them."

SADIE BEECH 5th February '20

"Where to begin?! Excellent customer service, beautiful quality leather and fit, lovely soft padded nose and brow band over other brands. Gorgeous colours and designs. Feels nice to ride in. I highly recommend."

SARAH FARRELL 5th February '20

"Firstly i would like to assure anyone thinking of a Transcend Bridle that Sue Thomas and Transcend Bitless Bridles fully embody the notion of detailed artisan craftwork !

My mare is meticulously ruthless when it comes to things she has to wear so Rosie's Bridle Pre-Requisites:

1. something she can breathe in (I discovered , when she was 5yrs old, with the help of a homeopath, that she gets breathing allergies around certain feed items. Done and dusted! But to be safe, I don't want to risk anything restricting her airways!!! BITS are a NO NO - we want maximum airway capacity thankyou.)

2. something she can eat comfortably in (check out the video)

3. something with positive contact - a SOFT and EVEN distribution of pressure around her nose and over her head

4. something NOT TIGHT ; something NOT LOOSE = custom made - for her wide brow and thick jowel (off the shelf , top of the market warmblood bridles DON'T come close to her size)

5. a human to listen to her needs and a sympathetic approach so she doesn't feel like her self power is threatened = hmm well that's MOI -my department!

Rosie gives Trascend her full approval! I recognise the hours you spent Sue , helping me with the design and sizing!! Trust me when I say, Rosie's face is the proof of all the painstaking details you walked me through! Thankyou."

DONNA ANDERSON 20th November '19

"Quality is fantastic, customer service is exceptional and my mare loves it!"

WENDY ORTON 19th August '19


"Absolutely love my leather double transcend and my biothane double. Both bridles are so well made. Recommend them to anyone. Very happy with my purchases."

LYNZE MAY 19th August '19

"I’ve just purchased my bridle as I will shortly be starting the backing process and wanted to start and continue the best way possible for my horse. My bridle came so quickly and is beautiful, the quality is outstanding and it has caught the eye of everyone at the yard. The customer service from Sue is second to none, so helpful and knowledgeable, she really knows her products and has helped me every step of the way and has gone above and beyond. She is so flexible snd helpful, sending out different parts to try and with her prototype brow band she’s really helped me with training an on going issue of getting my boy used to having something across his head where a brow band would sit. Highly recommend, and wouldn’t go else where now."

TRACY JOHNSON 28th July '19

"Super stylish and excellent quality."

TRUDI DEMPSEY 23rd July '19

"I am so pleased with my bridle. After a post Sue messaged me to discuss what I wanted. I told her what I wanted and she gave me a price. Once paid for Sue messaged to let me know it had been sent and it arrived the next day. Beautifully parcelled and safely wrapped. The bridle it's self was in separate pieces to help avoid damage while in transit. The leather was very soft and clean. Once put together the bridle looks stunning. Fitted really well and my mare responded really well to it. I have only had chance to use it the once but I have to say I was so impressed.. I have wanted one for ages and I am so glad I finally bought one. Next step. To save for 2 more for the cobs."

LEA SKYES 11th July '19

"Totally in love with these bridles, they look amazing and work fantastically well offering comfort to my ponies. They are very secure on the head and don't need to be fitted tight around the nose at all to stay put. I have a side cue and a double bridle and fully intend to kit out the whole herd over time they're that good. Worth every penny and more!"


"Great customer service and endless patience from Sue! After months of deliberating and asking questions she made me realise that for the stage we’re at, a simple sidecue was the best bridle for us. I was on the brink of spending over twice as much as I needed to, so really appreciate Sues honesty and integrity. I’m excited for our bitless journey and know that when we’re both ready, a double Transcend will be the next step 😊😊"

FRAN BELCHER 12th June '19

"Lovely bitless bridles, mine is a leather sidecue, my horse likes it and responds well in it. Sue is very helpful with any questions and issues, the hardest part is choosing what colours to have!"

ALISON MALPASS 10th June '19

"I can highly recommend the Transcend Bitless bridles. I have both the simple side cue and the double bridle and my mare is going beautifully in both . We had some work to do to transition her to bitless riding due to her experiences with ridden work prior to me owning her but she is relaxed and happy in these bridles. They are constructed from lovely soft high quality leather that feels so luxurious and my mare literally dives through the noseband when I bring her bridle out so I think she has cast the deciding vote. Thank you Sue for an amazing bridle x"


"Love my transcend double as starting my 7 yo mare very slowly but the bridle looks stunning on her beautiful leather 💕"

PAM GIBSON 19th May '19 

"Beautifully made. Soft leather. My mare who has Trigeminal neuralgia goes really softly in it and since wearing it, hasn't had a panic attack. From a mare that hates schooling, she rounds and tracks up nicely."


"Bill and I both love the Transcend! We have both the sidecue and the double and have used nothing else for the past 2 years plus. The quality is fabulous as is the customer service. These bridles allow communication through soft subtlety ,we use ours for all ridden work and harrowing the school! I have recently received the split reins, after a week of hacking I can highly recommend 😊 Thank you Sue for striving to constantly expand the Transcend product range, I’m sure there are many happy horses!"

CHARLIE BROWNE 21st April '19

"Absolutely love my new bridle lovely quality worth every penny."


"Sue very kindly donated this lovely side cue and reins to a rescue charity that I went out and worked with in Tenerife. Unfortunately horses are generally trained with heavy hands and bitless is unheard of. You can buy a hackamore and that's what this lovely boy was in before it was replaced with this. The bridle is soft and the quality is outstanding and this dear boy responded amazingly in it. Thank you sue for changing this boys ridden life with your generosity and kind heart❤️❤️"

CLAIRE BRUFF 5th April '19 

"Absolutely love our bridle. Gin has been out of work for a few weeks after she did something to her leg... took out the bridle today and she put her nose through it straight away. The contact is so direct and immediate, which is lovely for my sensitive and light pony. There is no sliding of the noseband, which means that contact is consistent, where you want it to be and it's friendly. The fitting is great too. My mare has a difficult to fit head, and before all bridles were on the large side at one end and the small at the other, but this is perfect. We are looking forward to many more adventures with this bridle. Thank you!"

MARTINA DIEHL 30th March '19

"I volunteer at a horse rescue and it's hard to give people a feel of what some of these horses have been through and sometimes we don't even know the background. I've recently posted about Teddy and Summer, two of our youngsters, who we have started in Transcend bridles and the results speak for themselves. Please feel free to message me for further information about our experience of the bridles or their effect on these particular horses, bearing in mind their individual issues. Not only is the product superb but the excellent service; knowledge and understanding of Sue Thomas makes this a unique product."

SUE TURNER 27th March '19

"Transcend combine both beautiful design with the highest quality. The double allows the rider a level of communication perfect for flatwork and dressage. The padding and shaping makes them very comfortable and easy to fit.

My horse and my clients love Transcend. Great job Sue!"


"Superb quality bridles, I'm very happy with my biothane double and it looks fantastic on my mare."

MEGAN THOMAS 6th January '19 

"Beautiful leather and quality. My boy seems to really like it! He can be like ‘the princess and the pea‘ but worked beautifully in this the first time. Sue is lovely and very helpful. I ordered one day and it arrived the next - plus a free gift! Would definitely recommend."

KAREN POTTER 31st December '18

"An absolutely beautifully made bridle, very soft pliable leather, gorgeous to handle. My horse is very happy to wear it. Excellent design, far better than anything else I have seen on the market, and the addition of a ring at the back of the noseband so that it can also be used as a halter is really useful. I must also mention the customer service from Sue, the designer and seller of these bridles, which is absolutely excellent. She is very happy to chat with you about the bridles and which would be best for your horse, and is also very willing to send out different sized bridle parts so that you can get the precise fit you want. Thoroughly trustworthy as a seller and a lovely lady into the bargain! Thanks so much Sue, you are a star and I'm sure I will have a very happy horse as we begin our bites journey together."

CAROLINE MACINTOSH 29th December '18

"This is a very well made and comfortable bridle that fits a wide range of horses."

TRACY BUCK 29th December '18


"My previously bitted TB has transitioned beautifully in this bridle and I am now starting my WB mare in it too. Both horses are very happy and responsive in the Transcend!"

FIONA DE JERSEY 28th December '18

"Just outstanding quality and beautiful leather. I have visited Sue’s premises and have seen a lot of her stock which is all just 👌🏼

She will bend over backwards to provide the best service and is one of the kindest most genuine people you’ll ever meet."

KELLY BROWN 27th December '18

"This bridle has changed my mares life so much as had a very bad start in life we can jump and do schooling now so thank you so much for making this happen xxx"

SARA RAW 21st December '18 


"The Transcend is not only the best quality bridle I own (had Sabre previously), but it changed my horses life.
Charlie transitioned to bitless like a duck to water in this bridle.
It is beautifully made in super soft leather, very well padded over the head piece and noseband.
It has never moved ,slipped or gone near his eyes like I read other makes can do.
I have the double with the D ring under the nose band and it is so versatile.
I hack in it single rein, I have then option to school single or double rein and I use it with no reins and on the D for in hand work. The most subtle aids are clearly understood by Charlie .
You can also make your bridle more personal with different colour and stitching options .
If you are serious about going bitless then this bridle will be a fantastic investment."

LINDA TOPP 16th December '18 


"Just received my bridles - simple and double. What great bridles, lots of lovely padding, extremely well made and my boys love them. Can’t wait to test them out properly. 😊"

TAMSIN KEATES 13th December '18

"So pleased with my recent purchase of a side cue, lovely bridle, excellent customer service. 2nd outing and already seeing improvements with my mares behaviour. 5*"

JENNY LAILEY 29th October '18


"Our first solo hack out in his transcend bitless bridle, thanks Sue Thomas it’s beautiful, (please be aware Sue has pointed out that his nose and is a tad too high it will be getting lowered.....a tad overzealous with regards to the soft end of his nose none on my part) I’ve not ridden him for 2 months and this is the first time since I almost tore my foot off riding him two years ago that it’s been in anything other than a micklem with a level one myler. He was confused by the barefoot cross under bridle he just didn’t get the signals, the micklem when used as a side pull was better but tad too stiff. Today he transitioned from walk, trot to canter and back all with out the tugging and head shaking we’ve had in other bitless bridles.The leather and padding in this transcend is soft, supple and well stitched. Looking forward to many a happy hack in it."


"I've had this wonderful bridle on my mare now nearly 18months. The quality and fit is outstanding and the customer service from Sue is second to none! My review is a little different,as I've had a very up and down journey with my horse.Last winter we went through a particular trying period as my mare had an adverse reaction for the first time since I'd had her to haylage! I mean she went loopy! Now she's an anxious mare at the best of times but it was like sitting on a ticking bomb! My point is this though,she always responds to the bridle.The curb is wonderful for giving a different feel to the horse,it was enough to say "hey I'm still with you".No matter how sticky or spooky moment we've had she always listens to the Transcend.We love it,I'd recommend it to everyone. Im 100% sure it has transformed our relationship for the better."

GEMMA BOYES 5th July '18

"I have two of these beautiful bridles, a sidecue and double. I have been riding bitless for 20years now and have an entire tackroom full of bitless bridles, none of which come close to the quality, fit and functionality of the transcend. It will not slip, rub, or cause pressure points. I would have no hesitation using it on all my future horses."


"My 12 yr old, 14.2 cob cross and I absolutely love our Transcend Double bridle. 
We have trekked 23 miles the last couple of days through villages, along country lanes and over fells in the North Pennines.
Bitless, treeless and barefoot. 
Thank you Transcend!"


This bitless bridle is what I have been waiting for! Started bitless riding over 20 years ago and have continued to search for a quality made and kind well fitting bridle. I have tried most bridles and nose piece attachments and have never been wholly satisfied with the response from my horses. The Transcend Bitless Bridle ticks all the boxes not only for it's superior quality and fit but for how relaxed and responsive my horses are to the lightest of touch.

Highly recommend it!"

SUE CHURCH 13th May '18

"Wonderful bridles, amazing quality and worth every penny, I now have one very happy pony who has never been so forward! and excellent customer services even when I made the mistake of ordering a bridle too small! Nothing was too much trouble! Will definitely be back for more in the future, though I doubt the bridle will ever wear out as it’s such good quality."

LUCY HERNAMAN 10th May '18

"This has to be the best bridle on the market! The quality and craftsmanship is out of the league of any big name brands! Leather is so soft and supple. 
Sue is so very helpful and will go out of her way to provide the best service. She has a wealth of knowledge and a genuine care for the horse and welfare of the horse!"

LAUREN MOSS 7th May '18

"I have had the opportunity to try several bitless bridles and have to say I have never felt they have given any benefit over a rope halter. The Transcend bridle has changed that. The craftsmanship is superb and the look and feel of the bridle is pure quality. Such a lovely piece of work.It really comes into its own when working horses both in-hand and ridden. My own horse took only minutes to transition into the double bridle. I love it! It really does give a 'double bridle' option to those of us who wish to continue our training bitless. The lightness of the 'curb' is superb and gives such refinement over anything else. I am so delighted I chose Transcend. This isn't just a bridle but the beginning of a revolution in horsemanship and riding. I am so excited to see where things could go."

JANE BURY 30th April '18

"Stunning product. Well worth every penny paid. I love that it's made in England! Absolutely outstanding customer service and after-support. I bought the side-pull but I will also buy the double in the future if refinement is required. You won't regret spending on a Transcend as you will get support before buying and until it fits your horse and you are satisfied. Also, it is truly comfortable for the horse."


"Lovely quality leather! Very soft padding on the nose! The bridle enables very fine communication with the horse. On day 1 we did circles, change of direction, stopping from walk as well as from trot. On day 2 we went outside of the arena. On day 3 I have cantered in the arena with my young one! Generally he goes with this bridle freely, enthusiastically but still fully under control. Initialy the double rein was unusual to handle but that is due to my inexperience. Day 3 it was not a problem at all. Very happy with it!"

JUDIT GRUBER 10th April '18 

"I have been looking at this bridle for months and finally decided to order one. I am so glad I did, it arrived today, the quality of the leather and workmanship is superb, can't wait until tomorrow to try it!! Would thoroughly recommend."


"Beautiful quality, quick international shipping. Bridle came packaged nicely too! And Sue even popped in a little gift! Absolutely recommended."

ERYNN ANN 15th February '18

"My bridle landed here in in the US good order and I am thrilled with the quality of workmanship. It is a thing of beauty, I do love good leather. No, I haven't used it yet... right now we are in a blizzard but it is so flexible in design... I love what I'll call interchangeable parts. This suits my purposes perfectly and I'll keep it with me when I travel. Thanks so much, Sue. I'm very pleased."

ANNA BLAKE 22nd January '18

"I have just recently bought a sidecue - having spent some months riding in a headcollar I felt it was time to splash out on an actual bridle! I searched around but felt the transcend looked so much better quality than the webbing and other leather ones and I am not disappointed. The quality is amazing, padded, well made, beautiful design. My cob is so easy that I decided on the sidecue as I haven't yet used double reins, and she is responding beautifully in it, but I also plan to get the double for my stronger horse very soon. Delighted with this bridle, would definitely recommend it."

AMANDA McCAIG 10th October '17


"I was given a Transcend double bridle as a present. It is fantastic quality. Beautifully made. Lovely soft leather. The bridle is true to size and looks really good. All the ponies I have tried it on, including a stallion, have responded really well to it. It has made transitioning from bit to bitless easy. Hands down the best and most versatile bitless bridle I have come across."


"I ordered this bridle after really taking my time exploring various makes and designs - I ordered on sunday night and received it Tuesday morning! Sue has been helpful and supportive responding to all my questions - the bridle is stunning, soft and supple and beautifully made - love it!"


"I ride my friends PRE in the Transcend. She is forward going and quite sharp. The bridle has really helped refine my rein aids and encouraged her to stretch into the bridle more. LOVE IT!"

FI ELIZABETH 7th February '17

"I'm absolutely in love with my new Transcend bitless bridle. I was thrilled when I opened the box and my expectations had been exceeded. The photos don't do the Transcend justice, the quality is incredible. This is by far the nicest bridle I've ever purchased. Sue went above and beyond offering advice and answering all my questions. If you are looking for a well made bitless bridle with a smart design then I highly recommend the Transcend."

NICOLE THOMPSON 4th February '17


"I had tried may different bitless bridles and both myself and my horse were not happy with any if them. I decided to give the Transcend a go and my pony took to it instantly. It's fantastic quality, lovely and supple and looks smart. Last week got a new horse who has always been bitted but today I rode him in the Transcend for our first ride and he was brilliant. I wouldn't use anything else now!"

SABRINA FISHER 13th November '16

"Ella and I received our bridle this week and were expecting just to ride on the yard for a few weeks. However, we couldn't wait! We ventured out first time just for 10 minutes with someone on foot and Ella did a couple of naps but pretty good I thought. Yesterday with another horse and she was nappy for 10 mins then great particularly bearing in mind she's not been ridden for 6 weeks whilst I was on holiday. Today again with another horse, completely back to normal, and so responsive. She feels so relaxed and stops with a voice cue and slight lean even from canter along the woodland bridle path. On the return a stupid driver came too close and at speed. Ella jumped into canter and I instinctively pulled the reins then remembered not to, sat deep and turned her with leg and the Cordeo, which I'd only decided to add at the last minute. She responded immediately. We both have some learning to do but we trust each other and I have promised her she will never again have metal in her mouth."

HELEN RUSSELL 30th October '16

"Absolutely superb service. Even though I was only buying a 'noseband' not a full bridle I was given loads of very helpful advice and the shipping was prompt. And my horse loved the noseband too! Can't wait to order the full bridle now."

SUE GOULD-WRIGHT 20th July '16

"Excellent bridle. Very clever action. Very good quality and workmanship. One of the best bit less bridles I have ridden in."

ALISON TWIGG 28th June '16

"This is a good quality bridle that sits well and doesn't slip or move around. My pony seems really happy in it as a sidecue and I am looking forward to progressing our riding to be able to utilise the curb rein. Very smart looking bridle."

ROS JONES 7th March '16 

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