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How does it work ?

Let’s look at Transcend curb action and the bridle in relation to facial nerves.

• Transcend curb is made of light weight strapping, it has small rings on the ends and a soft leather fixed pad (length varies according to size of bridle)

• The curb strap is designed to give a whisper of cue to the curb groove.

• The curb cue is made distinct from the side-cue by dint of the quarter circle so that double reins will provide 2 separate cues

• The curb padding provides a very soft touch, the padding inhibits the curb strap from tightening, the padding also provides a slight weighting differential so that connection is easily released when the recommended lightweight reins are used.

• What stops transcend double from being a scawbrig?

• The curb strap does not squeeze against the noseband.

• Of course, if you pulled hard enough on one curb rein, in theory you could pull the curb pad through the rings, but you would be going round in circles.

• The whole bridle is soft, so pulling the curb reins instead of using them to create a tickle, would eventually bend the bridle.

The premise behind transcendbitlessbridle:

1. Transcend is a soft bridle

2. Transcend provides the opportunity to create a very subtle soft communication.

3. Transcend avoids nerve bundles. The major nerve bundle below the noseband is the Foramen mental nerves, which exits on the side of the lower mandible. Transcend curb does not impact the nerves, the curb pad is lifted by the reins to touch the curb groove. Once the cue is understood by the horse it doesn’t need to touch at all.

4. Above the noseband is the Intraorbital foramen which exits below the facial crest. The transcend noseband is wide and softly padded, it is fitted below the facial crest and the nerve bundle exit point.

Is Transcend Bitless Bridle a magical cure? No

1. Transcend requires that the horse can have time to learn new, subtle cues

2. Transcend needs to be fitted correctly, not too loose, not too tight.

3. Transcend requires the human to learn subtle rein cues, to support verbal, body, and energy cues.

4. Transcend does enable a trusting relationship and communication to grow, take the time it takes

Additional info:

The main facial nerve bundles exit the skull just under the facial crest, and the outside of the lower mandible. Transcend, as you can see from the pics (just 4 of hundreds) correctly fitted, the noseband does not cut under the cheek bones (facial crest) and does not therefore impinge on the nerve bundle. The mental nerves exit around where the curb ring should sit, the curb strap on transcend is inhibited from tightening, and does not squeeze against the noseband. When the curb is brought into play it is lifted to the curb groove, and the rein action pulls the ends of the curb strap away from the jaw. This is the opposite of a scawbrig action. I don’t have a skull I can demonstrate this on, but there are many pics showing this, and if you use your curb rein as in ridden position whilst on the ground you will be able to see how it impacts. The curb is designed to be a very light connection too. But if it is pulled hard the strap is pulled further back and away from the mental nerve bundle whilst lifted closer to the curb groove. Always the advice is to develop the connection to be as light as possible.

There are lots of facial nerves, (see diagram) we just do the best we can to make the bridle as soft and kind as possible. This includes not making a shaped headpiece, because they wrap around the base of the ears and can inhibit ear movement and potentially cause discomfort. Also shaped butt leather does not lend itself to lots of squidgy padding. Think in dressmaking how hard to stitch a lining into a curve, it causes creases. So transcend has a straight wide padded head piece with hollow rolls of soft leather to minimise any potential discomfort, fitted correctly with a long enough browband (transcend browbands are longer than standard) does not impact on the ears.

There are hundreds of happy horses in transcend double and sidecue bridles, check out the gallery on and the pictures in

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