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New Design Cordeo


Rolled leather "handle" soft and easy to hold. Standard length 30" with strapping to fasten to the buckles on the horse part of the cordeo

Flat, padded, 1 and 5/8" , 3.5cm wide soft strap for the horse with buckles each end to fasten to "handle"

The buckles offer 2" of adjustment each side, with 4 holes, ie 1/2" gradation. 

The buckles also provide break points in the event of being caught up. 


NOW IN STOCK black extra long cordeo suitable for draft size horses. 


Made in English Leather by UK saddlers. 


Initially available in black or havana. Will also be available in Chestnut when this comes into stock. 

The first to be made will be 40" strap for the horse, 30" handle. thus giving length of 70" with adjustment up to 74"


Other sizes made to order. 

Add 2 tone on the horse strap for £10. PM for choices 

Colours currently available

Blueberry, raspberry, royal blue, yellow, pink, cinnabar, burnt orange, green, red, tan, burgundy, conker.  





Cordeo- NEW Design

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