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Launch price

English leather made in Walsall. Italian leather lining. With heart studs and matching leads

Silver 14" to 16"

Black and conker 12" to 14"

Black and tan 12-14" or 14-16" 

Width 2"

Please put in notes which collar and lead set you would like

  • A new range from the makers of transcendbitlessbridle. Individually made in Walsall using English Leather, and either English and Italian leather linings. Priority is soft leather for thin skinned go go gadget necks.
  • These collars offer protection for the long necks of sighthounds from lead pressure and from rough play or worse from other dogs. 
  • Many of these will be "one off". Adding studs or conchos from a range we have, will give you a uniquely designed quality collar for your precious hound. 
  • Base price for any colour without studs/conchos, launch price £25. The whippet collars shown fit between 12" and 14". width 2"
  • The collars shown are all for sale. Please contact to choose any of them
  • We can make bespoke sizes
  • We have a wide range of possible colours, please make contact to discuss what you might like. 
  • For anything else please contact to discuss design and for a quote. 


Whippet collar and lead sets

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