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Measuring and Fitting

Some fitting wisdom :

If your measurements are in the bigger half of the measuring range, go bigger.

If in doubt contact transcend and let’s talk.

There is ongoing support and free advice on fitting before and after purchase, through contacting transcend or posting in support group.

There are recommended trainers and fitters for transcend too. There is a charge made by the trainer/fitter to come out to you for face to face fitting, and mileage costs. They will bring demo bridles for you to try.

Alternatively, use the measuring guidance, take your measurements, send to transcend bitless bridle support group on FaceBook , or pm or email to Sue Thomas, for advice on size (according to your measurements) then buy the bridle. For fitting, send pics, video, or have a virtual fitting session. If the bridle you have bought isn’t the right size return it for exchange (must only be tried on not ridden in) the cost of this is around £15 in the U.K. This is post cost to return, and have a replacement sent.

For non U.K. buyers, shipping back and forth is not financially viable, so let us help you get the measurements right by pic, video.

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