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April 1st, a first for transcend

The new stock room is complete. And is such a difference from the previous crammed store room, to celebrate we have our first ever transcend sale, 10% off leather bridles, headcollars, cordeos, and transcend equine hash tag hoodies, and hat silks. The sale only applies to items in stock. The sale starts 1st April, and finishes at midnight UK time 5th April.

Biothane bridles are made to order so are not included. Any other leather goods that need to be made will be full price.

Use the checkout codes: CLOTHING10, CORDEO10, HEADCOLLAR10, BRIDLE10.

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We resume sales to Europe, from 1st April, (hopefully this is not an inauspicious resumption date) as hopefully, the shipping issues are improving. Everything crossed. Thank you for your patience.

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